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Dani Rubio Arauna & Rai Pinto — Barcelona, Spain

“Any project that has to do with improving people’s life seems very interesting to us. Public spaces and streets are places for everybody. That’s why they’re the most fascinating places. By modifying little things in the urban space, as designers, we can contribute to making things easier, more comfortable or simply more interesting for the common people. Having had the opportunity to work for public hospitals and for public transport, for instance, we can say that they are definitely the most gratifying kind of projects you can have.”

Dani Rubio Arauna was born in Santander, Spain, and has a degree in graphic design from Eina University. His work focuses on corporate identity, editorial design and environmental graphics. He has been teamed up with Mario Eskenazi for six years. He runs his own studio in Barcelona for major clients such as Fundació Agbar, Albert and Ferran Adrià, Generalitat de Catalunya and Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. He is a typography and dditorial-design teacher. His work has been recognised by awards such as those from ADC*E and Laus.

Rai Pinto studied industrial design at Escola Massana, Barcelona and has a degree in interior design from Eina University. He has worked with Llongueras Clotet Architects and other renowned architectural firms. His work as a freelance includes projects for Casa Decor, La Casa dels Xuklis and Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, as well as designs for private homes and commercial spaces. His studio is located in Barcelona.

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