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Daniel Barkle — Bath, UK

“I firmly believe that the value of the printed poster will continue to live and breath in the digital age — it carries a sense of prestige that digital mediums cannot replicate. Amid all the clutter of the digital age, it’s clear that brands feel entitled to empower consumers with rich digital content. While I encourage digital outcomes and involving technology in design, the results are far less appealing. I enjoy the satisfying sense of attachment when obsessing over the subtle characteristics of an expensive paper stock, foiled print finishes and the smell of screen-print ink — results that cannot be matched by pixels.”

Dan Barkle is a South West England-based graphic designer who focuses on branding and interactive design. A graduate from Bath Spa University, he attaches importance to meaningful concepts that communicate innovation. Experimenting heavily with typography and motion, his work aims to connect ideas and interpretations methodically that can ultimately fulfill a positive social engagement.

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