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Danny Ivan — Lisbon, Portugal

Currently residing and working in Lisbon, the Portuguese digital artist, graphic designer and art director creates inspiring stylized, colour-conscious work. Words like energetic, twisted hypnotic, eccentric are often used to describe Danny’s works, which have already captivated major brands like Adobe, Wieden + Kennedy London, Frito Lay, etc.

"Choosing to focus on abstract shapes and patterns in order to communicate the noble emotions of life like happiness, friendship and love leads me to believe that what I love most is to make people happy without invading their culture or experiences. I am happy transmitting positive energetic emotions, which aroused the interest of global enterprises and agencies to communicate their products or services and that’s pretty amazing. I intend to communicate better with these abstract forms and that alone is a challenge which makes me get out of bed, I believe we can build a better world and my message/vision is to convey that with abstract shapes."

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