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Daria Dyachenko — Moscow, Russia

Is there any existing packaging design, your own work or someone else’s, that you would like to re-design? “I cannot think of any specific packaging I would like to work with, but what I love most about the profession of designer is the variety of challenges I have to face. Each challenge makes me immerse myself into a new sphere, broaden my horizons. The visual culture in my country is rapidly developing now, and requires re-thinking in many areas, giving designers fertile ground for creative searching.”

Daria Dyachenko is a graduate of the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, where she has worked with local and international clients and is currently employed by the Repina branding agency. As well as having “a great passion for creating meaningful and engaging visual communication for brands”, she is also involved in illustration, packaging design and photography. Notable aspects of her work include an emphasis on highly professional execution, inter-active client-focused strategy, and new tools and techniques.

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