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Deuce Studio — Jonny Aldrich, Matt Down, Richard Patrick — London, UK

“We believe that the most effective brands combine great ideas with beautiful design, this is why creative thinking is at the core of everything we do. We believe the ideas that connect the best are often the simplest ones, which is why we say if an idea doesn’t communicate well on a post-it note, it’s too complicated. We use simplicity to cut through the noise.”

Deuce Studio is a London-based creative agency made up of three partners — Jonny Aldrich, Matt Down and Richard Patrick. “Collaboration is key to success, we always work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible outcomes. We create brands for a wide variety of clients including those in culture & the arts, technology, food & drink, professional services and hospitality – building long lasting relationships along the way. For Deuce Studio design is more than a tool, it’s the foundation for success.”

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