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Dmitry Ligay — Tashkent, Uzbekistan

What is your favourite album cover? “Since childhood the music cover of Somewhere In Time by Iron Maiden has been my favourite. The cover was made by Derek Riggs. It made me realise that an album cover could pass on the music vibes and mood and become an inevitable part of the whole album. The illustrator makes it a visual continuation of the music. Besides, it is challenging to catch all the small elements that the cover consists of. For example, the Russian banner showing the word ‘Kefir’.”

Born in 1986, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in 2007, Dmitry Ligay graduated from Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction with a bachelor’s degree and since then has been working as an illustrator. In 2010 he started cooperation with Bang!Bang!Studio, the Russian illustration agency. He says he holds “to the traditions of the classical school” and often uses collage techniques, as well as applying such materials as watercolour, pencil, acrylic and Photoshop. Among his clients are GQ, Men`s Health, Rolling Stone, Esquire and Robb Report.

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