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El Don Guillermo — Toulouse/Barcelona

What is the attraction of creating sequential art? “It has been attractive for me since I was a child because you just create the story you want. You are totally free. You only need a sheet of paper and a pen! For me, it’s like doing cinema but with many more means. As a comic artist, you do your own casting, you can create all the characters exactly as you want, you choose how they speak, the setting … and you don’t need 3D or a studio for special effects. You can do everything! It’s the same enjoyment we had as children when we invented crazy stories with Lego or Playmobil.”

El Don Guillermo is a freelance illustrator and comics artist from the South of France. He draws for books and publications and is one of the twins who created and run the French publishing house Misma. He now splits his time between Toulouse and Barcelona in Spain.

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