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Elena Trofimova — Moscow, Russia

“There are a lot of exhibitions of and competitions for posters. At the same time, fewer and fewer people seek out information about events by looking at posters on city streets. Everything can be found on the Internet and via social networks. But I see this situation gradually changing. To summarize, I think that the necessity of printed posters as data-storage devices is disappearing. But I think they have to remain as part of street art. The existence of such phenomena on our city streets will qualitatively increase the general cultural level. Good design should not be be locked away in museums and at temporary exhibitions.”

Elena Trofimova is a freelance web and identity designer, working out of Moscow. She is a self-confessed fan of typography, though she doesn’t make posters for commercial projects. She says that posters are mainly the work of students without clients or terms of reference, but she hopes that “the best is yet to come” and looks forward to expressing herself with some educational posters.

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