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Everyday Practice — Kwon Joonho, Kim Kyung-chul, Kim Eojin — Seoul, Korea

“Editorial design often breaks down legibility by emphasizing too much on fancy graphics. Or, too much emphasis on readability may result in the exclusion of the visual pleasures of graphic elements. Therefore, it is very important to make a balance between graphic fun and functional aspects of information communication. This means that the computer-operated editing design process and decisions on paper, binding, and printing methods are very important.”

Everyday Practice is a graphic studio founded by Kwon Joonho, Kim Kyung-chul, Kim Eojin and a small community “that thinks about the role of design and how design acts in reality. Although we are based in graphic design, we do not restrict ourselves to strictly two-dimensional design. We have been trying to research various design methods and make them happen.”

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