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Eyedropper Fill — Bangkok, Thailand

"We grew up with a series of traditions that might or might not come through in our designs, but they probably appear in our thought-processes. Generosity is one of our distinguishing traits. When the huge floods came recently, a lot of Thai designers in various fields created work to promulgate an understanding of how to handle them and relieve the situation – and it was all done on a non-profit basis."

Young multi-disciplinary studio Eyedropper Fill has brought fresh ideas and visuals to the Thai creative industry. Established in 2008, it has already created a stunning portfolio of video mapping, music videos, live visuals and motion-graphic projects. The studio is comprised of VFX and motion artist Kittikhun Kittisowan, illustrator and animator Nuntawat Jarusruangnil, motion and multimedia designer Panapan Tangsomboon and director Wattanapume Laisuwanchai.

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