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Farm Design — Pasadena, USA

The concept was simple: let the popsicles be the stars. A cohesive system was created using a white foam cooler, the signature “Farm Design Blue”, bold modern graphics, cheeky copy and sophisticated printing techniques. The cooler holds delicious-looking popsicles wrapped in colourful custom-made sleeves that sit alongside an infographic flavour legend. Even though you cannot actually taste them, you can derive a sense of refreshment just by looking at them.

Farm Design is a full-service creative studio located just a stone’s throw away from the Rose Bowl in the historic district of Pasadena, California, and this fun location seems to have had an effect on its work. One of the projects featured here is called Make It Pop, a Farm Design self-promotional piece. In a bid to keep their clients cool during the scorching Californian heat, they sent them locally produced popsicles.

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