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FIELD — London, UK

“We have two pieces that we are very proud of. Both are similar in that they immerse viewers using motion that mimics Nature in a seemingly very simple way. A wholly immersive flow of fluid particles elicits a deeply felt response in ‘Nike – Force Of Nature’. It uses kinetic interaction and a treadmill fitted with effects that amplify the feeling of getting into the flow of running. While ‘Spectra 3’ is another immersive experience that creates a choreography of movement, through light and sound, by illuminating its surroundings with dancing reflections. The emotional responses these projects create are central to the success of these projects.”

A specialist creative studio in London, Field combines art with technology to “create immersive audio-visual experiences, and powerful new formats of visual communication”. Working with selected brands and cultural institutions world-wide, it produces artworks across moving image, interactive experiences, screen-based and kinetic installations.

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