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Florian Gallou — Nantes, France

How do you find designing for a restaurant different to other identity projects? “There are many restraints that you do not find in all visual-identity projects. You must be aware of the place, the atmosphere, the people who frequent it… your choices must be coherent and established from the beginning. When we have the chance to work with scenographers and product designers, we can begin to think of the whole project. In the end, you can see the meaning between the stool you sit on and the illustrations on the menu.”

Florian Gallou is a French graphic designer studying in Nantes, whence he arrived via Buenos Aires, Argentina. He says: “I used to mix illustration and typography to create visual identity in my spare time.” He is currently working as a graphic-design assistant at Studio AA — producing work for the likes of Jagermeister, Dubrown Restaurant, Paco Tyson Festival and Festival Hip Opsession.

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