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Font Reneagade — Jan Charvát — Prague, Czech Republic

What constitutes a good typeface design? “The balance between blacks and whites — because the whites in-between have the same importance as the blacks; rhythm — because if the design does not have good rhythm it is like mixing two tunes with different beats (painful); proper technical execution — because if it is not well crafted it will fail to serve in various situations; just the right amount of ideas — not too many, because that’s a zoo, and not too few, because then it is boring and tasteless; purpose — because without purpose how you can decide if it serves well?”

Jan Charvát is freelance font engineer and typography teacher based in Prague. He loves to spend time with students and create something that moves them forward. Several times a year he holds type-related workshops. In his recent type-design projects, he has tried to find a different approach more into experimental fields. He loves playing DnB music on his double deck.

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