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46&2 — Melbourne, Australia

Love Your Cycle is a continuously growing information portal around the cyclic nature of women and beyond. I believe interactive design is an evolving container that allows people to have conversations, experiences and share information, while being aesthetically pleasing! The success comes from combining practical, useful information, a real authenticity of self and love of what we do with pleasing graphics and user experiences. We started from an inspired idea fuelled by some of life’s challenges, a Facebook page and a simple product. We are ever growing into an information portal, community as well as workshops, teachings and intentional products.

This Australian venture describes itself as “a constantly evolving creative container that supports all aspects of positive creativity”. 46&2 claims to take its “inspiration from nature with a holistic approach”, believing creativity to be its purpose “not just us as individuals, but as humans”. “With an inquisitive passion for learning, we are always expanding – just like life around us in all its forms,” says Kerry, the visionary behind 46&2.

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