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Francesco Delrosso — Barletta, Italy

“I would have liked to re-design Metamorfosi di un Simbolo Nella Lakshmi Narayan Temple designed by Alberto Faietti, a not-so-well-known Italian artist, but the book is perfect and I couldn’t do any better. I would love to re-design La Divina Commedia or The Holy Bible for the complexity of their contents and the restrictive use of typography elements, but currently I am investigating the relationship between editorial design and photography, the way images interact with the pages of a book, and I think this will be my research for the next months.”

Francesco Delrosso is an Italian independent graphic designer based in Barletta, “a special place” very close to the sea. He graduated from Isia Urbino in 2016 and after a spell in Bologna working at a graphic-design studio, he became co-founder with Antonio D’Elisiis, Michele Margiotta and Saverio Rociola of an interdisciplinary collective called Milleunomiglia. The collective works in different fields of design, from publications and book design to typography, visual identity, exhibition and web design, for private companies and cultural institutions.

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