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Fraktal Design Studio — Frkstudio — Nantes, France

“What I like most about typography is being able to express a message in the moment through a typography created to convey this message, giving it a visual in accordance with the word or message. For example, if I work on the word ‘wood’, I will give my typography the texture of a branch, which will immediately produce the image of what it means.”

Fraktal Design Studio, based in France, was set up by Cyril, a graphic designer passionate about all areas of creation, from logo design, typography, branding, packaging design and UI/UX illustration, but also 3D and motion design. He has created and participated in several projects at the request of major brands and companies. Each of his visuals is guided by a sense of detail and light, which allows him to deliver creations of very high quality, both graphic and sophisticated.

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