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Georgia Hill — Sydney, Australia

“I feel that printed matter – posters, artwork, and screen prints – will always have value, even as digital means and technology progress. Personally, I find that in the digital world, so much imagery passes us by without sinking in, flashing past in Instagram feeds and as we scroll away online, whereas printed matter is something that has a sense of being present, physical and real. Sure, we might not even notice it as we go about our day-to-day, it might fade or rip, but it forms part of the visual language that shapes our physical spaces and our sense of time passing, not just a background to an online presence.”

Georgia Hill is an illustrator and artist, specialising in hand-drawn, type-based artworks that combine bold, monochromatic textures and lettering within experimental compositions. Since studying visual communications at the University of Technology, Sydney, her instantly recognisable aesthetic has developed from exhibition-based illustrations to striking works for private commissions, large-scale murals across Australia, and client-based projects.

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