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Giada Tamborrino — Italy / UK

“What I especially like about the profession of designer is being always in contact with art, with new ideas, colours, new projects and new challenges, new software. The career of a designer is never boring; every day is a professional and personal growth.”

Giada Tamborrino is an Italian graphic designer who has been passionate about digital arts since her childhood and started to pursue this as a career five years ago. Tamborrino designed simple branding projects and visual design for local clubs after arriving in London looking for fresh inspiration. In 2013, Giada held her first exhibition in Reggio Emilia, entitled “Consume”. In the same year, she started collaborating with music labels and designed artwork for bands, musicians and singers. Currently working for a digital marketing agency, Tamborrino’s ambition as a designer is continuously growing as she spreads her quality designs on a global scale.

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