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Greg Coulton — London, UK

“The explosion of digital has made the role of print more relevant than ever. Digital is perfect for instant gratification, a quick fix of disposable, often forgettable information. But if you want something to captivate an audience, inflame an imagination and stand the test of time, print is still king. To see first-hand a unique work of art, smell the paint or ink, and feel the substrate between your fingertips… the poster engages our senses in a three-dimensional way that digital media alone cannot convey.”

Greg Coulton is an illustrator, designer and typographer. Whether he’s creating brand stories or album covers, packaging or portraits, the art of story-telling is at the heart of all his work. “The devil is in the detail” pretty much defines everything he does. Intricate and multi-layered, his hand-drawn illustrations are driven by the principles of good communication design, honed during 12 years designing for London ad agencies.

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