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Grotesca Design — Jerusalem, Israel

In the light of so many magazines going digital, how and why do you think that printed publications could still survive? “Print products have a timeless quality, whereas the digital world is ever-changing. People grow attached to something they can hold, keep and carry with them throughout life. Designers should always bear in mind that the publication might be kept for years, so its design must remain relevant for a long time. Another interesting development is print products that accompany digital projects for a comprehensive experience. We are currently working on a print version to complement an existing digital magazine.”

This Israeli graphic-design studio has been branding businesses and culture and leisure activities, as well as designing exhibitions, for nearly a decade. Grotesca creates and produces design for anything from logos to print materials through to digital products. In addition, the studio organises and curates conceptual exhibitions on design. The Grotesca team operates across Israel and abroad.

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