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Harbor Type — Henrique Beier — Porto Alegre, Brazil

“One of my favourite typefaces so far is Kiperman, designed in partnership with Ana Laydner. This typeface is a tribute to the late Henrique Leão Kiperman, founder of the publishing house Artmed, now an imprint of Grupo A. The inspiration for it came from the personality of the honoree. Mr. Kiperman didn’t like to be under the spotlight, so we designed this typeface to be kind of ‘invisible’ to the reader. We didn’t want it to draw attention to itself or to impose any obstacles in the understanding of the text, so we made its forms simple and straightforward.”

Harbor Type is the digital type foundry of Henrique Beier. He develops custom and retail typefaces as well as providing font production services to other foundries. The quality of his work has been recognised in multiple editions of Tipos Latinos Biennial, ADG Biennial, Hiii Typography and Typographica.

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