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Henrique Martins — Lacuna
 — Curitiba, Brazil

What is your most memorable promotional design? “The book Chove, even though it wasn’t designed for promotional purposes, but as part of an academic research. Chove was an experimental, ludic exercise, built with austere, objective language, strong characteristics of the visual and conceptual approach of the studio. The project development covered several areas, from visual narrative and data visualisation to editorial and exhibition design, presenting different angles of the studio’s work. The opportunity to produce it in a relatively high print run, and to exhibit part of its narrative at an art gallery, exposed the project to a wider audience, and made it a powerful promoting tool.”

Lacuna is a Brazilian graphic-design studio created by Henrique Martins, with a focus “on the visual construction of ideas”. The studio works with commissioned, collaborative and self-initiated projects, mainly in the cultural area, in intersections between design, visual and performing arts, cinema and music. Projects range from books, records and exhibition design to concept art and visual identities.

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