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High Tide Creative — Danny Miller — New York City, USA

As American Football lovers, we find the identity of the Washington Redskins NFL team to be problematic. As with all brands, sports teams and their mascots make deep psychological and social impressions, so an identity that is disparaging to Native Americans is more than just offensive. The opportunity to develop a new identity for the team would be an exciting challenge in coming to understand the area and fans, what they hold dear and and how to translate all of that visually. It would do justice to the power of design, which is not only about making things look pretty.

High Tide is a multi-disciplinary creative studio producing “strategic and enduring design solutions”. From establishing the creative vision for start-ups such as Warby Parker to creating special projects for legacy brands such as Nike and Mercedes-Benz, it tries to “develop meaningful content that is both contemporary and timeless”.

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