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Houdini — Sydney, Australia

"It’s very easy to design one logo; the trick is designing the right logo. Typically we will explore several ideas, sketches and approaches before culling the unsuccessful candidates — it’s vitally important not to be too precious at this stage and to be constructive with your opinions. We will then focus on a chosen few to craft up to a finished design. Depending on the number of applications, this process can be fast-tracked to cater for smaller-scale identities or expanded upon for larger application projects."

"While doing research for designing a logo for Houdini, some of Harry Houdini's signatures were found. The team appreciated its typographical flow and started playing around with this as a design feature. Then something magic happened – the team found that the "H" could be fashioned from the lower-case "a" and lower-case "p" – aptly reflecting the tagline – Anything's Possible – and philosophy."

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