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How To Ink — Singapore

Why do you like to make prints the way that you do? “To produce a print, all we have to do is click on the computer, or even a phone. But print-making brings you through a process, from designing it, how you layer the colours, how to align the different layers and choosing and mixing the right colours, etc. To actually produce an edition of 10, 20 or 50, knowing the process and effort behind it, makes me feel appreciative of it. A digital print tells me nothing of how the print is done. Every step matters to achieve the final print.”

Singaporean studio How To Ink says that its name is a verbalisation of the Chinese characters 凹凸印 (Āo Tú Yìn). It specialises in a style of print-making that works on a yin-and-yang principle of utilising positive and negative moods to produce certain impressions on paper. “Only by embracing the good and the bad can we create what’s truly ours,” the studio maintains.

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