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Interabang — London, UK

“Packaging has to speak with a clear, compelling voice: it is often competing in a crowded space so needs to instantly connect with its audience, who may be purchasing the product based purely on visual appeal. We try to ensure that our designs will engage without shouting and raise a smile without patronizing. Practically, we always ensure that each packaging project that comes through our studio will endure the test of time, and not be over reliant on passing trends. Environmentally, we take care not to over-package products. Two of our current studio projects are focusing on retaining and re-using the packaging – good for the environment and a great way to keep the brand front-of-mind.”

Interabang is an award-winning creative agency based in London. It works across many disciplines and sectors, designing large-scale brands, small-scale postage stamps — and everything in between.

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