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Irene Salvadeo — Milan, Italy

What makes a good business card/identity design? “It must be first and foremost unique, created specifically for the person or company it represents. The business card is like the identity card of a brand. Another important aspect is the small format. It is never easy to work with small formats, but if the design is well thought out, a logo and coordinated image works well on both large and small layouts. That's why it is such a litmus test for good design.”

Irene Salvadeo was born in La Spezia, a small Italian town overlooking the sea, and she studied graphics at the High School of Arts and subsequently in a “small but important university” — ISIA of Florence — graduating with First-Class Honours. She did two internships in Bremen, Germany before returning to Italy, where she collaborated with Leftloft in Milan. Today, in addition to working as a freelancer, she is collaborating with Display, a design studio in Milan.

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