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Isabelle Boucher — Montreal, Canada

Is there any existing packaging design, your own or that of others, that you would like to re-design? “Products available in drugstores, especially over-the-counter drugs. Although the regulations for such packaging are complex, we would like them to be more attractive, current and readable. I would like to re-package some of these products not just for the creative potential they offer, but mostly for the challenge of improving their outcome. Then I’d be happy to re-think the visual effects of tissue boxes. Finally, I would also like to re-package some children’s products, such as Barbie doll boxes or other toys from my childhood.”

Isabelle Boucher studied plastic arts, interior design and fashion design before completing her academic career path with a BA degree in graphic design. She has worked as a designer in Montreal and France for creators of leather apparel and accessories, and also as an art director in film. She has a special interest in object design, packaging, illustration and brand image.

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