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Jakub Rebelka — Gdansk, Poland

“It’s always better to think small at the beginning. Create short stories, try different styles that will work best for you. Drawing comics is like a marathon, once you choose a way of drawing, you will have to keep doing it for the whole book. The most important thing would be to know what you want to do, plan the story with storyboard and layouts first. But making mistakes is the best lesson.”

Born 1981, Polish illustrator, comics creator and concept artist Jakub Rebelka graduated from the faculty of painting at ASP Gdansk. Author of the comics ‘Doktor Bryan’ and ‘Ester Klemens’ and an art book with paintings and illustrations entitled ‘Element Chaosu’, he has published short comics in many Polish magazines. He created stills for animated-cut scenes for the games ‘The Witcher 2: Assassin Of Kings’ and ‘Shadow Warrior’. He is currently working on a fantasy comic entitled ‘City Of The Dogs’.

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