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Jiyoun Kim Studio — Seoul, South Korea

Is there any existing packaging design, your own work or that of others, that you would like to re-design? “Any brand that has a good agenda, or a well-organised philosophy, will be valuable and enjoyable work. And it would be better if we could design all areas from product design to brand strategy to packaging.”

Jiyoun Kim graduated from Hong-Ik University in 2009, and became the manager of the North American branch of Pantech Mobile Device Design. At Pantech, he designed and implemented the Flex, Calix, and other projects in his five years with the company. During this time, he also started his own company, Jiyoun Kim Studio, and worked on projects for sound systems, medical machines, and other important devices. In 2010, he created the living design group Mobject, and he led his team for two years in furniture lighting, and displayed his group’s designs at various exhibitions. In 2014, he received an Executive MBA at Sung-Kyun-Kwan University. He moved to HS Ad, creating advertisements for LG. He became the design director and founder for OTR (Over The Rainbow), which designs projects and services for brand consultations. He works as a brand consultant for various other companies. He has won Reddot and IF awards.

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