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Jono Brandel — San Francisco, USA

“Analytically speaking, Patatap is my most popular project. I think it is successful because it’s widely available, simple and surprisingly delightful. Personally, I’m proud of it because there were large technical hurdles to overcome. I developed a JavaScript library from scratch in order to achieve the vector quality and smooth animations. The library is called Two.js and is modelled similarly to Adobe Illustrator. Since Patatap, I have used Two.js in a number of projects. It allows me to sketch out my ideas with code quickly and easily.”

Jono Brandel relies on the combination of two fundamental disciplines: graphic design and computer programming. He studied design/media arts with a minor in Latin at UCLA. His work has been showcased at the Tate Modern, Siggraph, FITC and the Japan Media Arts Festival, as well as featuring in publications such as The New Yorker and Wired magazine.

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