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Josh Schaub — Zürich, Switzerland

“Being a fan of the printed poster, I do however believe that it has found a worthy opponent in the digital poster and will be eliminated sooner or later. Of course, haptic printing techniques or specific full-tone colours have a special value. Yet the digital poster has so many new possibilities that in the long run will have more benefits in everyday life than fancy colours and pretty paper. Whereas print can show you only one layer of information, digital posters give you different ones while passing by. As a result, I’m starting to specialise in partially animated, graphically reduced posters.”

Josh Schaub is a Swiss graphic designer with an affinity for motion design. Four years ago he graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne. Since then, he has been self-employed and confesses that he is constantly exploring new things to find what he is most passionate about. He currently lives and works in Zurich.

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