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Julia Miceli Pitta — London, UK

“When you have to make a poster for a campaign, you must take into account a concept previously developed. For example, if you need to create a poster for a movie, you need to understand not only what the movie is about, but also what the directors wanted to communicate in terms of senses: feelings, time, colour palette, movement and so on. You need to dive deep into the film’s concept. On the other hand, designing one on its own is also very challenging because you have to develop the entire idea from scratch.”

Julia Miceli Pitta is an Argentinian graphic designer based between Buenos Aires and London. Her practice is always under construction. It sits in between conceptual thinking and exploration, with an unorthodox flavour. She specialises in visual identity, editorial design and creative direction. Her work has been recogniseded all over the world and shown in multiple exhibitions, publications and contests.

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