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Junki Hong — Seoul, South Korea / New York, USA

What differences have you found between designing posters as part of a campaign and designing one on its own? “The biggest difference is whether there is a purpose. Campaign posters are usually designed with a specific purpose such as advertising products, introducing a service, and telling information. When I was designing posters as a self-project, they became frames to contain my artworks. They were produced to show my visual expression rather than communicating with a specific goal. This made me try visual experiments such as combining unconventional ideas and expressing personal interests in a visual way.”

Junki Hong, a graphic designer from Seoul, is currently working in New York. Previously, he was with Character NY, Sagmeister & Walsh, 2x4, and Fisk. He received an MFA in graphic design from California Institute of the Arts and a BFA in visual communication design from Konkuk University. He is interested in experimental type design and expressive typography in various media.

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