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Junki Hong — Seoul, South Korea / New York, USA

“When I first designed the Elephant typeface, I started to do sketches so that a slightly tilted and cut-off gap was made. In particular, I sketched r, a and k, starting with c, but I felt that it was more like a wood-carving souvenir. As soon as I designed e based on the shape of c, I thought that it looked like an elephant’s trunk from a wooden sculpture. After this, a clear design concept and direction emerged through image research. I refined the overall look and feel to emphasize the heavy but cute impression.”

Junki Hong is a graphic designer from Seoul, currently working as a freelance designer in New York. Previously, he worked at Character NY, Sagmeister & Walsh, 2 × 4, and Fisk. He is interested in experimental type design and expressive typography in various media.

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