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Kij Studio — Panyagal Oh, Dongwon Oh — New York City, USA

“One of our current projects — packaging for a high-end CBD (cannabidiol) skincare brand. We aim to represent our client as the Louis Vuitton of the CBD industry. How to create a sense of luxury without falling back on clichéd symbols, such as flora and fauna graphics? With transparent communication with your client, and deliberate experimentation, you can achieve a concept and a feeling in a novel, yet clear and meaningful way — such as using the right geometric pattern and composition.”

Kij is an independent visual-design studio based in New York, founded by Panyagal Oh and Dongwon Oh. In Thai, “kij” means duty, business or operation and the name reflects the two major sources of inspiration for this pair, both in design and life in general: kids (non-judgemental, playful spirit) and kitsch (unhinged experimentalism, embracing randomness and inter-disciplinary aesthetics).

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