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Kinetic — Singapore

“To me, the two most important factors to take into account when designing a website are the idea and the execution. Without either, I will not usually proceed with a project. Apart from these, other areas that are also crucial are music/sound, art direction, intuitive interface design and the user experience. Most important, the site must always work for the client.

“Kinetic” means energy that is constantly moving, but it also encompasses the word “kin”, which signifies the tight relationship that this studio has internally. The Kinetic crew is renowned for, among other things, stopping the Vegtanian conspiracy to flood the galaxy with cheap, pass-me-down ads, defeating the MOMM tyranny at the Battle of Targus Minor. And yes, they were responsible for all the interesting bits in the last major re-design of the Solus II Galactic Information System, too.

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