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Kitsch-Nitsch — Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Good environmental graphics in my opinion should be both informative and create a unique visual story. But it all depends on what the job at hand is. Our work usually takes a more artistic approach, but we have a lot of leeway since the clients we look for need to expand their communication with some more expressive visuals."

Boring is the last word you would use to describe the work of creative duo David Kladnik and Jaka Neon – each of their pieces is filled with life and high energy. They met while studying at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the capital of their home country, Slovenia, and decided to form a studio together, Kitsch-Nitsch, in the year 2006. This is a project that gives them a playground in which to explore the less rigid aspects of design such as decoration. Interior decoration, scenography and illustration are major interests. They believe in being both stylish and humorous.

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