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Kobu Foundry — Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro — Algarve, Portugal

“I don’t think we can consider fonts to be good or bad. It depends on the purpose and intent of their usage. If I use a digital type font that has the same characteristics as a display font, it shouldn’t be used on text, so its application in that case would be incorrect. When drawing, I consider the optical adjustments that help to increase each letter’s visibility and reading, the letter space and kerning. If these factors are all in synch, I think we accomplish a much better font.”

Brígida Lourenço Guerreiro is a type and graphic designer at Kobu Agency in Faro, Portugal. She leads the Kobu Foundry, a project designed to challenge the agency’s creative limits. It reflects the various skill sets of each team member to “deliver commercial fonts presented through stories”.

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