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Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta — San Francisco, USA

“Putting a plan together before starting any project with a lot of information saves time and effort. Projects such as reports and catalogues are time-sensitive and final production consideration at the beginning helps in the design process. Planning for paper, binding, printing or any special fabrication is crucial and should not be left till the last moment. It is also a general practice by designers to consider the major sections first. The design of sections such as the cover, contents page and chapter openers define the overall design and set the tone for the editorial.”

Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta is a graphic designer originally from India and now living in San Francisco. She has a strong interest in how graphic design and design research can be used to effect change and improve the human condition. She says she enjoys working with colour, typography, print, publication design, branding and experimenting with interactive design. Prior to deciding to switch from geography to pursue a master’s degree, she was an art director, working for ad agencies such as Ogilvy in India. She enjoys photography, food and kids and his “dream is to contribute towards a brighter, better-designed future”.

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