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Krzysztof Iwanski — Lodz, Poland

“You know how fascinating is to touch printed paper, how amazing is to see a poster in a large format. That feeling when you walk on the street, especially in rain or fog, and there are beautiful, colourful posters sitting on the wall. Digital posters don’t scream, but printed posters on the street shout! So I think it’s all about emotional feeling, something so absent in out modern society. Of course, there is no doubt that the printed poster is losing the battle on the communication field and there is nothing we can do about it. But do not worry, print will survive.”

Krzysztof Iwanski, born in 1985, is involved in poster art, screen-printing and painting. His work strives for spontaneity and dynamism linked with harmony and a sense of orderliness. He oscillates between styles deriving from Neo-Plasticism, Constructivism and influences stemming from the tradition of the Bauhaus.

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