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Loop — Moscow, Russia

What is the attraction for you of creating infographics? “For us, the attraction is actually that we’re not creating the infographics literally, but some kind of a mix where the type supers, data and any other visualised information are playing a role in a bigger concept enriching the picture and giving the viewer an opportunity to absorb the information and the visuals at the same time.”

Loop is a design and animation studio founded in 2014 by a collective of experienced artists “who are constantly pushing their limits to reach new goals and rise to new levels”. By gathering the best talents into one well-organised team, they believe that they are “constantly growing, exploring new design fields, styles and techniques to achieve the best results and provide the most incredible visual solutions of any kind”. Its clients include: Boeing, Bloomberg, New Balance, Samsung, CBN, Anta, Intel, Comcast, Toyota, MTV, McDonalds, Asus, Ford, the World Olympic Games Committee and Total Oil. It also collaborates with leading agencies, production and post-production companies from around the world.

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