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La Tortillería — Monterrey, México

It would have to be Iberia. In total, over different periods in my life, I’ve lived in Madrid for more than a year. I’ve always wanted to re-brand an airline, and I think I would pick the Spanish national carrier for the emotional connection I have with that country in particular. My favourite re-brand is what Tyler Brûlé did for Swiss International.

Originally founded in an old tortilla factory building, La Tortillería is a creative company “with a passion for images and words [and] the exceptional ability to turn them into an exquisite reflection of an idea”. It says: “We create, brand, design, publish and advertise blending creativity and functionality to grant each project a unique personality. We are creative problem-solvers who begin with the end in mind either from scratch or from an outlined plan, and make things happen come hell or high water.”

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