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Les Graphiquants — Paris, France

“We are truly emotionally attached to the printed object. The shapes we design become meaningful when embodied on material. The brightness or the matt finish of ink, the overprints, the waves of the paper transform our pictures into art objects or, at least, craftsmanship. Working on a printed support is more engaging. The printed picture makes a lasting impression. It evolves, ages, yellows, can be either framed or torn. It is a direct dialogue between the public and the private space.”

Founded in Paris in 2008, Les Graphiquants is a design agency investigating and experimenting with drawing signs that transform clients’ stories into the abstract, the poetic, the sensitive… “Always the meaning – without forgetting an inimitable dose of peculiarity.” This approach, it believes, has always led to “an intelligent, brutal as well as delicate, imagination combined with rigorous work methods”.

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