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Lyn Ashi — Beirut, Lebanon

With so many magazines going digital, how and why do you think that printed publications might still survive? “There is always a love and appreciation for printed material. Holding a publication in your hand, with the smell of the paper wafting in the air, your fingers flipping through the pages… You don’t get that experience digitally. Besides, we are creatures of habit. The first printed book has been around since 1455 with the help of Johann Gutenberg’s movable-type printing press, and studies have shown that printed publications are still alive and thriving to this day.”

Lyn Ashi is a graphic designer based in Beirut, Lebanon. With minors in art history and film, she admires all forms of visual art. Her work focuses primarily on print design, and entails simple, monochromatic design with a great attention to detail.

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