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MOBSTR — London, UK

What is the most memorable piece of typography you have come across? “I found it in a portable toilet at the Glastonbury festival. If you’ve ever been to a large public festival you will know how grim the toilets are. I have mixed feelings about this piece. I love it. However, it is so good that I am annoyed by the fact that I didn’t come up with it. I have no idea who created it. I’ve had lengthy discussions about whether it was premeditated or a spontaneous act. I hope one day to find out.”

“MOBSTR” says that he is not a typographer, nor an artist, but “just someone who thinks too much”. “I am an antagonist,” he says. “I question everything. I disassemble what is around me. I try to twist it, undermine it, subvert it. There is no future in my existence. I am a positive nihilist. I love what I do and I exist for that purpose. The concept of reality terrifies and excites me. I am baffled by those who do not spend a considerable portion of their life questioning it. I realise what I do is as meaningless as the rest of it, yet I still persist.”

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