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Maciej Świerczek — Gliwice, Poland

Crying out for re-branding are Poland’s government ministries. Presently, each one uses a different logotype and there is no unified standard of identification. Hopefully there are some attempts to change this sitiuation (like Marta Gawin's or Andrzej Wloszczynski's projects), but still yet not implemented. The very first thing I would do is create one system with forms that correspond well with the official state emblems and their identity system (which also need some work). I think the best solution would be to combine classic heraldry forms with modern design. One custom font family for web pages and official documents could also improve the whole government image. It should be brave enough and serious enough to help maintain a proper image for official institutions.

Świerczek is a freelance graphic designer from Poland currently working at Jazzy Innovations in Gliwice. He prides himself at being good at vector graphic illustration, interface and icon design, branding, simple motion design and typography among other talents.

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