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Marandros — Reykjavik, Iceland

"Although the end-product of what we do is often minimalist in some ways, the process usually isn’t. We tend to make things complicated, which can put a bit of a strain on our partnership but can be extremely rewarding at the same time."

Ragnar Mar and Katla Ros are the brains behind the company called Marandros. They met each other in art school, where they co-founded MindGames, a company specialising in mind-controlled computer games. Marandros made the world’s first such app for the iPhone. Last year the firm was nominated for an Icelandic presidential award for innovation for its work with MindGames. Since their graduation, the couple they have been doing all kinds of freelance work, from books to prints for fashion to art installations. New ideas fascinate them and they intend to continue tackling innovative projects and exploring wider possibilities.

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