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Marcin Soboń — Wrocław, Poland

How does technology influence or expand your creativity towards Game Art Design? “A good example would be graphic tablets. Last year I bought a pen display tablet; I was sceptical at the beginning because I worked for many years on regular graphic tablets and I was used to them, but I wanted to try something new. Now I don’t want to switch back, drawing and designing on this kind of hardware feels very natural, like drawing on paper, it feels almost like touching the pixels.”

Marcin Sobo is a Polish artist who works at his home studio in Wroclaw. He says: “I really love everything involved with comic-book and concept arts and now this is what I do for a living. What interests me the most in graphic design and illustrations is story-telling, composition and bold colours. My clients are mostly game publishers – table-top, video and mobile – but I’m also working for branding agencies creating illustrations for their products.”

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